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Q_INVOKABLE method returning custom C++ type

I have a C++ method made Q_INVOKABLE. I can call this method from QML and it works when it returns basic types (like QString). But I can't with a custom type. How should I do this? Should I return a QVariant instead? Ideally, I would like to return a pointer to my custom type if possible.

I do:

qmlRegisterType<MyType>("Mine", 1, 0, "MyType");
qmlEngine->rootContext()->setContextProperty("testObj", new MyType());

I can use testObj global object or create MyType QML component. But I cannot use it in some javascript code as a return type from a Q_INVOKABLE C++ method.

Answer Source

Yes, QVariant is the way to go for your custom class in that construction. Make sure you register your class.

That being said, you may wish to consider using Q_PROPERTY instead, for your custom type and then you can access that even without a function call. If you need custom parameters to the method and you cannot rearrange the code, this is obviously not an option.

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