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Javascript Question

How to disable/enable a div on radio button click in jquery

I have two radio button on which I want, when one radio button is clicked its div to be enabled and when other is clicked its related is enabled.

BOD: @Html.RadioButton("HeadBOD", "Head")
Head:@Html.RadioButton("HeadBOD", "BOD")

1) <div id="HeadDive"></div>
2) <div id="BODDive"></div>

Answer Source

Try this:

<script type="text/javascript"> 
$( document ).ready(function() {
  $("input:radio").click(function() {
    if($(this).val() == "head") {
    } else {

<input type="radio" name="opt" value="head"> HEAD
<input type="radio" name="opt" value="bod"> BOD

<div id="head" style="display:none;">Head</div>
<div id="bod" style="display:none;">BOD</div>
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