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iOS Question

iOS 7 and later: set status bar style per view controller

I tried many ways to set the status bar style (default or lightcontent) but can't get it to work on a per view controller basis. I can set the status bar style for the whole app only.

Any one got a hint?

I tried



return UIStatusBarStyleLightContent;

but no works.


Answer Source

Have you tried this?

  1. Set "View controller-based status bar appearance" (UIViewControllerBasedStatusBarAppearance) to YES in your Info.plist. (YES is the default, so you can also just leave this value out of your plist.)

  2. In your viewDidLoad method, call [self setNeedsStatusBarAppearanceUpdate].

  3. Implement preferredStatusBarStyle, returning the status bar style that you want for this view controller.

    - (UIStatusBarStyle) preferredStatusBarStyle { 
        return UIStatusBarStyleLightContent; 
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