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JSON Question

Sinatra PUT method not updating

My Sinatra method is receiving JSON correctly, but for some reason not saving it. It's being routed from Angular JS, so I'm wondering if one of the following could be the issue:

  • The routing to Sinatra is incorrect, however the JSON displays from a puts inside the Sinatra route

  • The database is not accepting the converted JSON (not sure why)

  • The JSON is incorrectly parsed, however the technique for parsing is the same within the rest of my app.

I've posted the code below, if you have any ideas as to why it's not working that would be fantastic.

Many thanks.


#edit download
put '/view1/downloadedit' do
@download = Download.get(1) #1 for testing, will be downloadID
data= JSON.parse(
puts @download
puts data
status 201
puts "edit saved okay"
status 201
puts "edit failed to SAVE"

controllers.js (Angular)

// a scope function to edit a record
$scope.updateinfo = function(downloadID) {
id = downloadID
var result = $scope.items.filter(function( items ) {
return items.downloadID == id;
updatedata = $scope.items
method : 'PUT',
url : '/view1/downloadedit',
data : result

Feedback from terminal showing correct JSON output from puts in app.rb

angular connection working
{"downloadID"=>1, "PageID"=>"1", "title"=>"nmnbm", "dlLink"=>"bnmnbm", "imgSrc"=>"mnbmnb", "caption"=>"aaa", "dlLive"=>1, "createdAt"=>nil}

Download class

#class download
class Download
include DataMapper::Resource
property :downloadID, Serial
property :PageID, String
property :title, String
property :dlLink, String
property :imgSrc, String
property :caption, String
property :dlLive, Integer
property :createdAt, DateTime

MySQL table structure for downloads, exported as CSV

<table_structure name="downloads">
<field field="download_id" type="int(10) unsigned" null="NO" key="PRI" default="<null>" extra="auto_increment" />
<field field="page_id" type="varchar(50)" null="YES" key="" default="<null>" extra="" />
<field field="title" type="varchar(50)" null="YES" key="" default="<null>" extra="" />
<field field="dl_link" type="varchar(50)" null="YES" key="" default="<null>" extra="" />
<field field="img_src" type="varchar(50)" null="YES" key="" default="<null>" extra="" />
<field field="caption" type="longtext" null="YES" key="" default="<null>" extra="" />
<field field="dl_live" type="int(1)" null="YES" key="" default="<null>" extra="" />
<field field="created_at" type="datetime" null="YES" key="" default="<null>" extra="" />

<options name="downloads" engine="InnoDB" version="10" row_format="Compact" rows="8" avg_row_length="2048" data_length="16384" max_data_length="0" index_length="0" data_free="4194304" create_time="2013-11-04 17:26:56" update_time="<null>" collation="utf8_general_ci" create_options="" comment="" />

Answer Source

Needs to be passed the :id attribute to update.

put '/view1/downloadedit/:id' do
  data = JSON.parse(
  edit_id = data[0]["downloadID"]
  p data
  p edit_id
  @download_edit = Download.get(params[:id])
  p @download_edit
  success = @download_edit.update(:title => data[0]['title'],
                                  :caption => data[0]['caption'],
                                  :dlLink => data[0]['dlLink'],
                                  :imgSrc => data[0]['imgSrc'])
  if success
    status 201
    puts 'edit saved okay'
    status 201
    puts 'edit failed to SAVE'
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