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python copy folder structure under another directory

I have some questions related to copying a folder structure. In fact, I need to do a conversion of pdf files to text files. Hence I have such a folder structure for the place where I import the pdf:


And I would like to create the exact folder structure under 'D:/g/subfolder1/subfolder2/' but without the pdf file since I need to put at this place the converted text file. So after the conversion function it gives me

And also I would like to add if function to make sure that under "D:/g/" the same folder structure does not exist before creating.

Here is my current code. So how can I create the same folder structure without the file??

Thank you!!

import converter as c
import os
inputpath = 'D:/f/'
outputpath = 'D:/g/'

for root, dirs, files in os.walk(yourpath, topdown=False):
for name in files:

with open("D:/g/"+ ,mode="w") as newfile:
newfile.write(c.convert_pdf_to_txt(os.path.join(root, name)))

Answer Source

For me the following works fine:

  • Iterate over existing folders

  • Build the structure for the new folders based on existing ones

  • Check, if the new folder structure does not exist
  • If so, create new folder without files


import os

inputpath = 'D:/f/'
outputpath = 'D:/g/'

for dirpath, dirnames, filenames in os.walk(inputpath):
    structure = os.path.join(outputpath, dirpath[len(inputpath):])
    if not os.path.isdir(structure):
        print("Folder does already exits!")


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