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JSON Question

Using Python and elasticsearch, how can I loop through the returned JSON object?

My code is as follows:

import json
from elasticsearch import Elasticsearch

es = Elasticsearch()

resp ="mynewcontacts", body={"query": {"match_all": {}}})
response = json.dumps(resp)
data = json.loads(response)
#print data["hits"]["hits"][0]["_source"]["email"]
for row in data:
print row["hits"]["hits"][0]["_source"]["email"]
return "OK"

which produces this truncated (for convenience) JSON:

{"timed_out": false, "took": 1, "_shards": {"successful": 5, "total": 5, "failed": 0}, "hits": {"max_score": 1.0, "total": 7, "hits": [{"_index": "mynewcontacts", "_type": "contact", "_score": 1.0,
"_source": {"email": "", "position": "Sr.Researcher", "last": "Zhuo", "first": "Sharon", "company": "Tabridge Executive Search"}, "_id": "AVYmLMlKJVSAh7zyC0xf"},
{"_index": "mynewcontacts", "_type": "contact", "_score": 1.0, "_source": {"email": "", "position": "Vice President", "last": "Springthorpe", "first": "Andrew", "company": "SBC Group"}, "_id": "AVYmLMlRJVSAh7zyC0xg"}, {"_index": "mynewcontacts", "_type": "contact", "_score": 1.0, "_source": {"email": "", "position": "Financial Advisor", "last": "Bell", "first": "Margaret Jacqueline", "company": "Streamline"}, "_id": "AVYmLMlXJVSAh7zyC0xh"}, {"_index": "mynewcontacts", "_type": "contact", "_score": 1.0, "_source": {"email": "", "position": "Technical Solutions Manager MMS North Asia", "last": "Okai", "first": "Kensuke", "company": "Criteo"}, "_id": "AVYmLMlfJVSAh7zyC0xi"}, {"_index": "mynewcontacts", "_type": "contact", "_score": 1.0, "_source": {"email": "", "position": "Sr. Strategic Account Executive", "last": "Kato", "first": "Mizuto", "company": "Twitter"}, "_id": "AVYmLMlkJVSAh7zyC0xj"}, {"_index": "mynewcontacts", "_type": "contact", "_score": 1.0, "_source": {"email": "", "position": "Design Manager", "last": "Okada", "first": "Kengo", "company": "ON Semiconductor"}, "_id": "AVYmLMlpJVSAh7zyC0xk"}, {"_index": "mynewcontacts", "_type": "contact", "_score": 1.0, "_source": {"email": "", "position": "Legal Counsel", "last": "Lei", "first": "Yangzi (Karen)", "company": "Samsung China Semiconductor"}, "_id": "AVYmLMkUJVSAh7zyC0xe"}]}}

When I try:

print data["hits"]["hits"][0]["_source"]["email"]

it prints the first email fine but when I attempt the loop with

for row in data:
print row["hits"]["hits"][0]["_source"]["email"]

I receive an error:

TypeError: string indices must be integers

Please can somebody suggest how I can iterate through the items correctly? Many thanks!

Answer Source

I could be wrong, but looks like you might not be starting the for loop based on the correct json item. Try:

for row in data['hits']['hits']:
    # Rest of loop here.
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