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jpa independent custom type mapping / javax.persistence.x alternative to org.hibernate.annotations.Type and org.hibernate.annotations.TypeDef

I have a table

in a db that holds a column
of type
. The values in this column are 8-digit numbers representing an inverse date like '
'. Mapped onto this table i have a class
that holds a protected field iDate of type
. That field is annotated '
@Type(type = "inverseDate")
', using a custom type mapping. The class
is annotated with '
@TypeDef(name = "inverseDate", typeClass = InverseDateType.class)

import org.hibernate.annotations.Type;
import org.hibernate.annotations.TypeDef;

@TypeDef(name = "inverseDate", typeClass = InverseDateType.class)
@Table(name = "GAMECYCLE")
public class GameCycle implements Comparable<GameCycle>, Serializable
@Type(type = "inverseDate")
@Column(name = "GC_DATE", nullable = false)
protected Date iDate = null;

Obviously, the imports bind me to using hibernate as a jpa implementation so my question is:

Is there a way to get rid of the hibernate annotations and do the same custom type mapping using a pure
solution ?

Answer Source

No. Current version of JPA specification doesn't support custom type mappings. It's one of the most wanted features for future JPA 2.1.

If you really want to get rid of Hibernate-specific annoations, the only thing you can do is to map your field as String and perform necessary conversion manually (in getters/setters).

But in practice almost every large JPA-based application uses some implementation-specific features of persistence provider, therefore I don't think that avoiding dependency on Hibernate in this case really matters.

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