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In Joda-Time, set DateTime to start of month

My API allows library client to pass Date:

method(java.util.Date date)

Working with Joda-Time, from this date I would like to extract the month and iterate over all days this month contains.

Now, the passed date is usually new Date() - meaning current instant. My problem actually is setting the new DateMidnight(jdkDate) instance to be at the start of the month.

Could someone please demonstrates this use case with Joda-Time?

Answer Source

Midnight at the start of the first day of the current month is given by:

// first midnight in this month
DateMidnight first = new DateMidnight().withDayOfMonth(1);

// last midnight in this month
DateMidnight last = first.plusMonths(1).minusDays(1);

If starting from a java.util.Date, a different DateMidnight constructor is used:

// first midnight in java.util.Date's month
DateMidnight first = new DateMidnight( date ).withDayOfMonth(1);

Joda Time java doc -

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