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Ruby Question

Can't understand "unless" keyword in Ruby

I'm not a native English speaker. I know it sounds stupid nonetheless. I write in Python & C. But I can't quite understand how


Is it healthy to think of it from a logical standpoint? Eg, consider the
if condition
. If
is true, the code runs. What's the logical explanation for

Is there any other way to think of it?

del del
Answer Source

Ruby unless modifier:

Syntax: code unless conditional

Executes code if conditional is false.


$var =  1
print "1 -- Value is set\n" if $var
print "2 -- Value is set\n" unless $var

$var = false
print "3 -- Value is set\n" unless $var

This will produce following result:

1 -- Value is set

3 -- Value is set

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