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Bash Question

Appending lines as comma seperated values in bash

Using a combination of commands, I extract out the following line from a text file (say file1.txt) and store it in another file, say opfile.txt


12 of 1G
200 of 2G

Now, say file1 values get updated and the next time I run my command, I get the values

10 of 1G
100 of 1G

Now, I want the output to be appended as comma separated values on each line of my opfile.txt like so.


12 of 1G,10 of 1G
200 of 2G,100 of 1G

How exactly do I append it?

To get the first output into opfile.txt, I use the command

grep "#0" TestOutput | cut -f 4,5,6 | tr '\t' "\n " > opfile.txt

And that what inputs the data into opfile.txt initially.

Now, to get the second bunch of data, I use this command

grep "#0" TestOutput | cut -f 4,5,6 | awk '{print ","$1}{print ","$2" "$3" "$4}{print ","$5" "$6" "$7}'

And that gives me the following

,230.9M of 1G
,700.3M of 2G

Simply using the >> to append it into opfile.txt is giving me the output on all different lines.

How do I get them on the same line?

Answer Source

You can use paste command for this:

paste -d, opfile.txt <(your_command)

12 of 1G,10 of 1G
200 of 2G,100 of 1G

Where your_command is your command producing second output.

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