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R Question

see RAM usage in R-studio before crash?

I am switching from Python to R for some projects, and I have a hard time understanding the RAM management in R - R-Studio.

I have the following two simple questions

  • can we see how much RAM is being used by R at the moment? Just like in Spyder one can see that, say, 20% of the current RAM is full. That will allow me to understand if I can move one with my code, or if a memory crash is close.

  • do I need to set-up a maximum amount of RAM that R can use or everything is automatic like in Python (where Spyder eats RAM as it needs it)

Many thanks!

Answer Source

Check gc() to check how much memory is being used.

And I think R uses all the memory available. However, you can also set the memory limit by memory.limit(size=).

Moreover, I would recommend using Microsoft R Open It boosts the calculations speed as it introduces some parallel processing. Check out other Microsoft Client R and Server R as well.

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