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HTML Question

How to get height of a mapped object

I have three jQuery objects in an array, like so:

<div class="object"></div>
<div class="object"></div>
<div class="object"></div>

var arr = $('.object');

And I want to use
to find the heights of each and store them in an array, like this:

var arrElHeights = $.map(arr, function(a){
return a.height();

How would I accomplish this? Should I be iterating through via another method instead?

Answer Source

You have the right idea. The problem is that height is not a function. What you want to do is to get the clientHeight of the element. Try something like this:

 var arrElHeights = $.map(arr, function(a){
    return a.clientHeight;

Here is some info on clientHeight :

and also the docs on offsetHeight :

Jquery .height() does not include padding

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