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Keep on getting SDK error message

I have been working on Android Studio for a while now. But today when I tried to create a new project, I got the following error message:

Your Android SDK is out of date or is missing templates. Please ensure
you are using SDK version 22 or later. You can configure your SDK via
Configure | Project Defaults | Project Structure | SDKs

I upgraded my SDK tools, android studio. I have also configured my sdk location in studio as per the message, but to no avail.

SDK Manager

Android Studio

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I have faced the same issue, to solve it:
1- delete (or move) the projects folder (AndroidStudioProjects).
2- Run the Android-Studio (a WELCOME screen will started).
3- From Welcome Screen choose, "Configure -> Project Defaults -> Project Structure)
4- Under Platform Settings choose SDKs.
5- Select Android SDK -> right_click delete.
6- Right_click -> New Sdk -> Android SDK -> choose your SDK dir -> then OK.
7- Choose the Build target -> apply -> OK. enjoy

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