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Is there a more correct way to achieve what I'm doing?

I'm pretty new to C# and coding, so forgive my ignorance. I've tried researching and it seems like what I'm trying to find is possibly something called a "pointer" in C++, but not available in C#? I want a field or property which I can assign an object from a list as a "selected object" and play around with until I "release" it. I've tried this:

Entity GrabbedEntity;

List<Entity> Entities;

if (mouseDown)
GrabbedEntity = Entities[3];

if (mouseUp)
GrabbedEntity = null;

What I'm trying to achieve is basically just releasing the object I assigned to "grabbedEntity", and not actually making "Entities[3]" a null value, I still want to be able to modify the values of grabbedEntity though(mouseDown and =Entities[3] is for simplicity sake, it could be any object in list depending on circumstances). How I've been been working around it is this:

List<Entity> Entities;

List<Entity> _grabbedEntityList = new List<Entity>();
Entity GrabbedEntity
if (_grabbedEntityList.Count < 1) return null;
else return _grabbedEntityList[0];
if (value == null) _grabbedEntityList.Clear();

This works exactly as I intend it to, I can Assign "GrabbedEntity" to an object in my "Entities" list, while it's assigned I can do whatever I want to it, and then if I want to release it I just set it to null, but I feel like I'm making a work around for something that actually already exists. Thanks for any responses.

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Your first approach should work just fine.

You say "How I've been been working around it is this:" but you failed to tell us what it is that you feel you need to work around. If you are concerned that GrabbedEntity = null; might set Entities[3]; to null, well, it won't, and if you have actually tried this, you should know that it doesn't.

As for the second approach, the one with the get{} and set{}, I have no idea what you are trying to do, nor how this convoluted mess is meant to accomplish it.

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