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Conversion to Unix timestamp is not working

I'm trying to convert

to Unix timestamp.

static long ToUnixTime(DateTime dateTime)
var dateTimeOffset = new DateTimeOffset(dateTime);
return dateTimeOffset.ToUnixTimeSeconds();

But this function always return timestamp equal to something "Sun Jan 18 1970" instead of current DateTime. What is wrong with this?

Amy Amy
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The current date as expressed as a Unix timestamp is 1501093539, more or less.

I think you're checking yourself wrong; if I edit my code to add milliseconds, I get 1/18/1970. But unix times aren't in milliseconds. They're in seconds.

var dt = DateTime.Now;
var offset = new DateTimeOffset(dt);
var unix = offset.ToUnixTimeSeconds();

dt = new DateTime(1970,1,1,0,0,0);
dt = dt.AddSeconds(unix);
Debug.WriteLine(dt);        // gives current date back

Change it to AddSeconds and you'll get the current date. Change it to AddMilliseconds and you'll get January 18th, 1970. Your code is actually fine.

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