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Javascript Question

Use bind operator to curry a function?

Given that

can be replaced with
, how can I replace
this.handler.bind(this, 1)

I found this useful in a situation where I want to attach handlers to react components. E.g.:

handler(x) {
this.setState({counter: x})

<a onClick={this.handler.bind(this, 5)}>increment by 5</a>

I know that I can use
(lodash) but it's pretty much the same in terms of code readability:

<a onClick={_.curry(::this.handler, 5)}>increment by 5</a>

Answer Source

The ES next draft for the bind operator does not feature partial application as it is currently specced. Just continue to use bind (this.handler.bind(this, 5) or a simple arrow function e => this.handler(e).