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Javascript Question

JQuery unwrap content

Within a CMS I am working on a blog. The HTML structure of the output for each post title looks like this:

<a href="...">Title</a>

What I want to do is remove the
tag that wraps the content representing the blog title.

I did a bit of looking around and found 2 almost-solutions:

  1. remove()
    - this will remove the content itself too though

  2. unwrap()
    - I don't think you can target text within a tag with this to get rid of the tag itself.

Answer Source

Use .wrapInner first and unwrap the new structure..

$('h2 a').wrapInner('<span>').children().unwrap();

Demo at

Updating with a better way ..

Use the .contents() to target the text nodes and use .unwrap() on those..

$('h2 a').contents().unwrap();

Demo at

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