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Removing Street Suffix from Address

Trying to identify(and Remove) street suffixes (like "St", "Dr", etc...) from addresses. Assume that the suffixes are uniform and that we can create a comprehensive list of them.


street_suffix_list = ["St", "Dr", "Ave", "Blvd", "Tr"]
address = "105 Main St"

#returns "Main St"
street = address.gsub(/^((\d[a-zA-Z])|[^a-zA-Z])*/, '')

#desired: "St"
street_suffix =

#desired: "Main"
street_name =

Answer Source

You just need to separate street from suffix with Regexp:

street_suffix_list = ["St", "Dr", "Ave", "Blvd", "Tr"]
address = "105 Main St"

idx = /(#{street_suffix_list.join('|')})\z/ =~ address
# $1 => St
sfx = $1
street = address[0..idx-1].strip
# street => "105 Main"
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