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Show Label Value on 2nd View - Swift

Since i'm new and a newbie on Swift can someone tell me how I can get the label value on screen 1 to show on screen 2. Thanks

enter image description here

Edit: So I tried the way you told me but for some reason the Label text did not change in View 2. Any help? Thanks

enter image description here

enter image description here

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I am passing textFiled data to destViewController to show how segue performs when passing data.

Note: If you want to pass string data to your destVC.You can assign your string like var someValue: : String


enter image description here


  @IBOutlet weak var textField: UITextField! 
  //or you can assign string like var someValue: : String

  override func prepare(for segue: UIStoryboardSegue, sender: Any?) {
        let viewController = segue.destination as! destVC
        viewController.dataText = textField.text // someValue.text


@IBOutlet var label: UILabel!

var dataText = String()
override func viewDidLoad()      
label.text = dataText                 


enter image description here

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