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Microsoft Bot Framework Unauthorized error

I am getting started with the Microsoft Bot Framework, and tried running the very basic app from the getting started tutorial using the emulator.
When I send the message, I get the error : 401 Unauthorized

Things I have done

I have corrected the URL in the emulator to match the correct URL of the app.
Have deleted the APP ID and APP password from the emulator fields.

I assume I don't need to worry about https yet, since I am running locally (localhost).

Answer Source

Microsoft Bot Framework Document says that when you're running in the localhost add your localhost with the correct port and ask you to keep empty in the app id and the app pass.

enter image description here

But if you have added you your app id and and pass to web.config file, make sure to add them to your emulator as well. Otherwise you will get 401 - Unauthorized error.

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