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Java Vector or ArrayList for Primitives

Is there an expandable array class in the Java API equivalent to the

class that can be used with primitives (int, char, double, etc)?

I need a quick, expandable array for integers and it seems wasteful to have to wrap them in the
class in order to use them with
. My google-fu is failing me.

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There is unfortunately no such class, at least in the Java API. There is the Primitive Collections for Java 3rd-party product.

It's pretty dangerous to use auto-boxing together with existing collection classes (in particular List implementations). For example:

List<Integer> l = new ArrayList<Integer>();

l.remove(4); //will throw ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
l.remove(new Integer(4)); //what you probably intended!

And it is also a common source of mysterious NullPointerExceptions accessing (perhaps via a Map):

Map<String, Integer> m = new HashMap<String, Integer>();
m.put("Hello", 5);
int i = m.get("Helo Misspelt"); //will throw a NullPointerException
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