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Best way to take screenshots of tests in Selenium 2?

I need a way to take screenshots of my functional tests. Right now I'm using Selenium 2 with C# bindings. I pretty much want to take a screenshot at the end of the test to make sure the desired page is displayed. Are there any particular tools you guys know of that I can incorporate into my C# code that will trigger a screenshot? I couldn't find a built-in Selenium 2 solution (without looking it over).

Answer Source

To do screenshots in Selenium 2 you need to do the following

driver = new FireFoxDriver(); // Should work in other Browser Drivers
Screenshot ss = ((ITakesScreenshot) driver).GetScreenshot();

//Use it as you want now
string screenshot = ss.AsBase64EncodedString;
byte[] screenshotAsByteArray = ss.AsByteArray;
ss.SaveAsFile("filename", ImageFormat.Png); //use any of the built in image formating
ss.ToString();//same as string screenshot = ss.AsBase64EncodedString;

That code should work, as I quickly tested it in IronPython Repl. See the IronPython code below

import clr
from OpenQA.Selenium import *
from OpenQA.Selenium.Firefox import *
driver = FirefoxDriver()
s = driver.GetScreenshot()
# HUGE string appears in the REPL
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