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Can submit different namespace in vxml

Can submit different namespace in vxml, this is example vxml code.

<filled namelist="getSendDay getSendTime getSentMonth">
<submit next="{}" namelist="getSendDay getSendTime getSentMonth" method="get" />

How to catch this different namespace in Restful(Jax-Rs) web service? this value passing way is correct? ( I an looking for Java answer ).

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There are when submit in namelist category pass into web service a value like this...


this can be caught in restful web service using the java class below:

public class HelloWorldService {

    public Response getMsg(@Context UriInfo urlInfo) {

        String Day = urlInfo.getQueryParameters().getFirst("getSendDay"); //getSendDay getSendTime getSendMonth
        String Time = urlInfo.getQueryParameters().getFirst("getSendTime");
        String Month = urlInfo.getQueryParameters().getFirst("getSendMonth");

        String output = "Jersey say : Month is " + Month + ", Day is " + Day + " and Time is " + Time;

        return Response.status(200).entity(output).build();