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How to make inline functions in C#

I'm using Linq To XML

new XElement("Prefix", Prefix == null ? "" : Prefix)

but I want to do some computation to the prefix before adding it to the xml, like eliminating spaces, special chars, some calculations etc

I don't want to create functions because this ones won't be of any help on any other part of my program but this, so is there any way to create inline functions??

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Yes, C# supports that. There are several syntaxes available:

  • Anonymous methods (available from C# 2 onwards)

    Func<int, int, int> add = delegate(int x, int y)
                             return x + y;
    Action<int> print = delegate(int x)
    Action<int> helloWorld = delegate // parameters can be elided if ignored
                                 Console.WriteLine("Hello world!");
  • Expression Lambdas (available from C# 3 onwards)

    Func<int, int, int> add = (int x, int y) => x + y; // or...
    Func<int, int, int> add = (x,y) => x + y; // types are inferred by the compiler
  • Statement lambdas (available from C# 3 onwards)

    Action<int> print = (int x) => { Console.WriteLine(x); };
    Action<int> print = x => { Console.WriteLine(x); }; // inferred types
    Func<int, int, int> add = (x,y) => { return x + y; };

There are basically two different types for these: Func and Action. Funcs return values but Actions don't. The last type parameter of a Func is the return type; all the others are the parameter types.

There are similar types with different names, but the syntax for declaring them inline is the same. An example of this is Comparison<T>, which is roughly equivalent to Func<T,T,int>.

Func<string,string,int> compare1 = (l,r) => 1;
Comparison<string> compare2 = (l,r) => 1;
Comparison<string> compare3 = compare1; // this one only works from C# 4 onwards

These can be invoked directly as if they were regular methods:

int x = add(23,17); // x == 40
print(x); // outputs 40
helloWorld(x); // helloWord has one int parameter declared: Action<int>
               // even though it does not make any use of it.
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