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How to pass argument while calling Task Scheduler from c#

Here I have create service for writing .txt file and passing parameter from Task scheduler using this code :

static void Main(string[] args)

string abc = string.Empty;
foreach (var item in args)
abc += item +" ";
string path = @"D:\GST Project\Demo Text File.txt";
File.WriteAllText(path, abc);

I have added the task in task scheduler like this:
Task scheduler

I want to call my scheduler task by using C# code below is my code which I have taken from Link

using (TaskService tasksrvc = new TaskService(server.Name, login, domain, password))
Task task = tasksrvc.FindTask(taskName);

I am wondering here how we can pass the parameter through TaskService. Also
What should I pass in place of Server.Name,login, domain,Password.
Thanks for your help !

Answer Source

try the below code:- This will help you

TaskService.Instance.AddTask("Test", QuickTriggerType.Daily, "Exe file path", "test");

this will schedule your task and pass the test argument in your exe file

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