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Pull JavaScript Spinner Value from Table into Email

I have a multiple column table with one of the columns being a checkbox. I can check different rows and then hit a "Checkout" button and it will display the corresponding selected table row data in the body of an email.

Whenever a checkbox is checked, it also displays an extra column

Quantity #
which contains a spinner where the user can either type in a number or use the up/down arrows to select a number. However, when I enter a number and then hit the "Checkout" button, the value is always displayed as undefined.

I am getting the value of the spinner in my console but am unsure of how to get it displayed on my email. How can I get it so that the value will be read and correctly displayed on the email body?


<section id="checkout-btn">
<button id="checkout" name="order" onclick="sendMail(); return false">Checkout</button>


<table id="merchTable" cellspacing="5" class="sortable">
<tr class="ui-widget-header">
<th class="sorttable_nosort"></th>
<th class="sorttable_nosort">Loc</th>
<th class="merchRow">Report Code</th>
<th class="merchRow">SKU</th>
<th class="merchRow">Special ID</th>
<th class="merchRow">Description</th>
<th class="merchRow">Quantity</th>
<th class="sorttable_nosort">Unit</th>
<th style="display: none;" class="num">Quantity #</th>

<?php foreach ($dbh->query($query) as $row) {?>

<td class="ui-widget-content"><input type="checkbox" class="check" name="check" id="checkid-<?php echo intval ($row['ID'])?>"></td>
<td class="loc ui-widget-content" data-loc="<?php echo $row['Loc'] ?>"><input type="hidden"><?php echo $row['Loc'];?></td>
<td class="rp-code ui-widget-content" align="center" data-rp-code="<?php echo $row['Rp-Code'] ?>" id="rp-code-<?php echo intval ($row['Rp-Code'])?>"><?php echo $row['Rp-Code'];?></td>
<td class="sku ui-widget-content" data-sku="<?php echo $row['SKU'] ?>" id="sku-<?php echo intval ($row['SKU'])?>"><?php echo $row['SKU'];?></td>
<td class="special-id ui-widget-content" data-special-id="<?php echo $row['Special-ID'] ?>" align="center" id="special-id-<?php echo intval ($row['Special-ID'])?>"><?php echo $row['Special-ID'];?></td>
<td class="description ui-widget-content" data-description="<?php echo htmlspecialchars($row['Description']) ?>" id="description-<?php echo intval ($row['Description'])?>"><?php echo $row['Description'];?></td>
<td class="quantity ui-widget-content" data-quantity="<?php echo $row['Quantity'] ?>" align="center" id="quantity-<?php echo intval ($row['Quantity'])?>"><?php echo $row['Quantity'];?></td>
<td class="unit ui-widget-content" data-unit="<?php echo $row['Unit'] ?>" id="unit-<?php echo intval ($row['Unit'])?>"><?php echo $row['Unit'];?></td>
<td style="display: none;" class="quantity_num ui-widget-content" data-spinner="<?php echo intval ($row['ID'])?>"><input type="textbox" style="width: 100px;" class="spinner" id="spin-<?php echo intval ($row['ID'])?>"></td>

<?php } ?>


Javascript to send data to email:

function sendMail() {
var link = "mailto:me@example.com"
+ "?subject=" + encodeURIComponent("Order")
+ "&body=";

var body = '';

$('table tr input[name="check"]:checked').each(function(){
var current_tr = $(this).parent().parent();

var data = current_tr.find('.loc').data('loc');
body += encodeURIComponent(data) + '\xa0\xa0';

var data =current_tr.find('.rp-code').data('rp-code');
body += encodeURIComponent(data) + '\xa0\xa0';

var data =current_tr.find('.sku').data('sku');
body += encodeURIComponent(data) + '\xa0\xa0';

var data =current_tr.find('.special-id').data('special-id');
body += encodeURIComponent(data) + '\xa0\xa0';

var data =current_tr.find('.description').data('description');
body += encodeURIComponent(data) + '\xa0\xa0';

var data =current_tr.find('.quantity').data('quantity');
body += encodeURIComponent(data) + '\xa0\xa0';

var data =current_tr.find('.unit').data('unit');
body += encodeURIComponent(data) + '\xa0\xa0';

var data =current_tr.find('.quantity_num').data('spinner');
body += encodeURIComponent(data) + '\xa0\xa0';

body += '%0D%0A';

body += '';
link += body;

window.location.href = link;

JavaScript for spinner:

$(function () {
var quantity = $(this).closest('tr').find('td.quantity').data('quantity');


$(this).closest("tr").find(".spinner" ).spinner({
spin: function( event, ui ) {
if ( ui.value > quantity ) {
$( this ).spinner( "value", quantity );
return false;
} else if ( ui.value <= 1 ) {
$( this ).spinner( "value", 1 );
return false;

var test = ui.value;
sessionStorage.setItem("test", JSON.stringify(test));
var testtrue = sessionStorage.getItem("test");


Answer Source

As far as I can tell, you want to get the current value of the so-called spinner, which is given by :


So, in full, something like this should build the required string :

function sendMail() {
    var dataItems = [
        { 'clss':'.loc',         'prop':'loc' },
        { 'clss':'.rp-code',     'prop':'rpCode' },
        { 'clss':'.sku',         'prop':'sku' },
        { 'clss':'.special-id',  'prop':'specialId' },
        { 'clss':'.description', 'prop':'description' },
        { 'clss':'.quantity',    'prop':'quantity' },
        { 'clss':'.unit',        'prop':'unit' }
    var link = "mailto:me@example.com" + "?subject=" + encodeURIComponent("Order") + "&body=";
    link += $('#merchTable tr input[name="check"]:checked').closest('tr').get().map(function(tr) {
            var str = dataItems.map(function(item) {
                return encodeURIComponent($(tr).find(item.clss).data(item.prop)) + '\xa0\xa0';
            str += encodeURIComponent($(tr).find('.spinner').spinner('value')) + '\xa0\xa0';
            return str;
        }).join('') + '%0D%0A';
    window.location.href = link;

Note the use of .map() (twice) to map an Array of objects to Array of strings, and .join('') to put the pieces together.

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