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Git branch push getting rejected by gerrit in egit

We have gerrit configured for our git repository .I have created a new local branch.

Now i want to push the local branch into remote branch.
I am using egit. I clicked on push branch, push branch wizard came and i gave the the new branch name, push confirmation wizard gives the new branch name.

Now when i am trying to push it i get the following error

prohibited by Gerrit
Processing changes: refs: 1
Processing changes: refs: 1, done

But i am able to push to my normal "master" branch.

Question is how gerrit takes the new branch which i am trying to push because it has not been created in remote

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Answer Source

You don't have "Create Reference" permission for this repository.

See more info here.

You need to talk to the Gerrit administrator. There're two options:

  1. He can grant the "Create Reference" permission to you
  2. He can create the new branch for you then you'll be able to push your commit to it
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