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Javascript Question

Jquery is autoclicking

I have got this html

<div class="tagc">
<p class='HidTagc'>Hide</p>
<p class='tpt'>Tagged people</p>

And this jquery

$(".HidTagc").click(function(event) {
$(this).parent().css({'border-bottom':"1px solid"});
$(this).siblings().css('border-bottom', '0');
$(".tagc").delegate('.showt', 'click', function() {
$(this).siblings().css('border-bottom', '1px solid');

So the problem is when i click "Hide" it works perfectly but as soon as it changes css to
'border-bottom':"1px solid"
one second after it auto changes
which is i think because of this line


So how can i make this work properly

Answer Source

You have to stop the event from bubbling,

 $(".HidTagc").click(function(event) {

to stop that from happening. .tagc is a parent of .HidTagc. So whenever you clicks on .HidTagc, the event will be propagated to tagc also.

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