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Node.js Question

Missing Mongoose Schema Property Still Being Returned

Given a schema that looks like this:

var schema = new mongoose.Schema({ name: 'string', size: 'string' });

And the database contains "name" for all objects in the collection. But then I change it and remove name

var schema = new mongoose.Schema({ size: 'string' });

And then I do a find on it:

schema.find({}).exec().then( (objs) => {
// objs[0].name still exists

I thought that if the schema didn't specify a property then it wouldn't exist on the found objects. Is this not the case? Is the only way to remove a property, to actually remove it from the object in mongo?

Answer Source

Quoting from the original maintainer, Aaron Heckmann:

[M]ongoose "plays nice" with existing data in the db, not deleting it unless you tell it to.

[D]eleting the property would work if mongoose was able to hook into that even but alas it cannot. [H]owever you can completely remove the property from your document by setting the values to undefined which will trigger an $unset.

Source: Google Groups

Basically Mongoose attempts to be non-destructive to existing data. If a property is no longer needed you could run an update on the database to unset the value which would remove the property from every document in the collection.

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