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Return concatenated match values in single cell

Custom UDF

Public Function GetResults(ByVal searchString As String, ByVal searchRange As Range, ByVal returnRange As Range) As String

    Dim returnValue As String
    If searchRange.Rows.Count > ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count Then
        Set searchRange = Intersect(searchRange, ActiveSheet.UsedRange)
    End If
    If returnRange.Rows.Count > ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count Then
        Set returnRange = Intersect(returnRange, ActiveSheet.UsedRange)
    End If
    If Not searchRange.Rows.Count = returnRange.Rows.Count Then
        returnValue = "Error: Search/Return areas are different size"
        GoTo EarlyExit:
    End If
    If searchRange.Columns.Count > 1 Or returnRange.Columns.Count > 1 Then
        returnValue = "Error: Search/Return areas cannot be wider than 1 column"
        GoTo EarlyExit:
    End If
    For i = 1 To searchRange.Cells.Count
        If searchRange.Cells(i).Value = searchString Then
            returnValue = returnValue & " \ " & returnRange.Cells(i).Value
        End If
    If Len(returnValue) > 1 Then
        returnValue = Right$(returnValue, Len(returnValue) - 3)
    End If
    GetResults = returnValue
End Function
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