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Socket send data entered in Terminal

I want to create a Socket that listens to connections and sends data which i enter in terminal (want to run it using php script.php) to all Clients

any direction too look?

best regards,

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This script does what you want and also writes data sent by the clients to your terminal, run using php script.php:


$port = 12345;
$server = stream_socket_server("tcp://localhost:$port", $errno, $errstr);
if (!$server) die("$errstr (errno $errno)\n");

$s = array(STDIN, $server); // initially wait for terminal input or connections
while ($r = $s and stream_select($r, $n=NULL, $n=NULL, NULL))
foreach ($r as $stream)
    if ($stream == STDIN)   // terminal input
        $data = fgets(STDIN);
        foreach (array_slice($s, 2) as $client)     // clients from index 2 on
            fputs($client, $data);
    if ($stream == $server) // new client
        $s[] = stream_socket_accept($server, -1);   // add it to $s (index 2 on)
    else                    // data from a client
        if (!fputs(STDOUT, fgets($stream)))
            array_splice($s, array_search($stream, $s), 1); // remove client

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