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Python Question

HAPI FHIR Patient Bundle Request

I am working with a HAPI FHIR Server and am somewhat new to the java client. What I am hoping to accomplish is to create FHIR Patient Bundles that include a single identifying patient resource and all of their other resources in one complete bundle and to save it as a json file.

Patient Resource 1
Observation Resource 1
Condition Resource 1
Lab Resource 1
Observation Resource 2

I come from a python background so if it would be more simple to do as request or curl to iterate through the right endpoint for the patients that would be welcome as well. This is a one-time process. If their are alternatives that are more transactional that would be great as well. Any advice is sincerely appreciated!

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it sounds like you want Patient/$everything (see (though not all servers support that operation)

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