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Groovy: Print with different file names

I'm learning groovy language and use SOAP for my tests, also I'm newbie for languages. I just run my load script but I want printout my request and responses via another filename. I can print requests/responses but writes on same file.

Here is my path:

def outputPath = "C:/FileName/"

outputPath = outputPath

def folder = new File( outputPath )

if( !folder.exists() ) {

return outputPath

And here is my printout:

def request = context.expand( '${Script1#Request}' )
def response = context.expand( '${Script1#Response}' )
def outputPath = context.expand( '${init#result}' )

def requestPath = outputPath + "/Script1_req.xml"
def responsePath = outputPath + "/Script1_res.xml"

def f = new File(requestPath)
f.write(request, "UTF-8")

def f2= new File(responsePath)
f2.write(response, "UTF-8")

How can I printout my everyscript with another file name like example script1_req(1-XXXX).xml ?

Thank you for your answers.

Rao Rao

All you need to is to have unique value to be appended for the file name.

Chang below two statements

def requestPath = outputPath + "/Script1_req.xml"
def responsePath = outputPath + "/Script1_res.xml"


//Get the date in the given format
​def date = new Date().format('yyyyMMddHHmmss')
def requestPath = "${outputPath}/Script1_req_${date}.xml" as String
def responsePath = "${outputPath}/Script1_res_${date}.xml" as String