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Python Question

How do I add a key (an integer inputted by user) and a value (inputted in a list by user) to a dictionary so I can reference the key later?

I'm writing a program that would allow the user to add new information about a product. The information is stored in a dictionary. I'm having trouble assigning a key to information stored in a list and adding them to the dictionary.

Here's the snippet:

Adds New Product to the existing Product List and view the list

#This is how the input should be stored in the existing dictionary

prodlist = {1:['bread', 3.10, 'Breakfast food'], 2:['cheese', 4.00, \
'Dairy Product'], 3:['onions', 1.65, 'Vegetable'], 4:['milk', 3.10, \
'Dairy Product'], 5:['mandarines', 0.50, 'Citrus fruit']}

#The key is the ID number the Value is the list

products = [] #List to store inputted variables
if prod_id != 0:
prodlist['Last Product Added'] = {prod_id:products}
print "\n\nThis is the updated product list: \n"
print "\t\t Product ID No. : Product Information\n"
return prodlist

It works as is but I don't want to have
['Last Product Added']
as the key, I need
to be the key but I don't know how to do that. All variables are inputted by the user so there's no way to know what the next key would be. What's the simplest way? Thanks.


prodList[prod_id] = products

For what it's worth you have a dictonary and not a list so you might want to reflect that in your naming.