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Waiting on multiple threads to complete in Java

During the course of my program execution, a number of threads are started. The amount of threads varies depending on user defined settings, but they are all executing the same method with different variables.

In some situations, a clean up is required mid execution, part of this is stopping all the threads, I don't want them to stop immediately though, I just set a variable that they check for that terminates them. The problem is that it can be up to 1/2 second before the thread stops. However, I need to be sure that all threads have stopped before the clean up can continues. The cleanup is executed from another thread so technically I need this thread to wait for the other threads to finish.

I have thought of several ways of doing this, but they all seem to be overly complex. I was hoping there would be some method that can wait for a group of threads to complete. Does anything like this exist?


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Just join them one by one:

for (Thread thread : threads) {

(You'll need to do something with InterruptedException, and you may well want to provide a time-out in case things go wrong, but that's the basic idea...)

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