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Firebase won't bind boolean value to field

I'm using Google's firebase-database SDK for Android, v9.0.1. I have my app hooked up to Firebase and can read and write data at various locations.

However, I cannot get a specific boolean field to bind using

and I keep getting an error in my logs that says
No setter/field for isUp found on class com.myapp.PingReport
when the field clearly exists in my model.

Here's the JSON in the Firebase database:

"durationMs": 364,
"isUp": true,
"timestampMillis": 1464916019971

and here's the model class:

public class PingReport {

private long durationMs;
private boolean isUp;
private long timestampMillis;

public PingReport() {
// required by Firebase

public PingReport(long durationMs, boolean isUp, long timestampMillis) {
this.durationMs = durationMs;
this.isUp = isUp;
this.timestampMillis = timestampMillis;

public long getDurationMs() {
return durationMs;

public boolean isUp() {
return isUp;

public long getTimestampMillis() {
return timestampMillis;

If I call
the correct values are returned, but the value returned from
is always
. I have tried different combinations of naming it
and adding setters
setUp(boolean up)
setIsUp(boolean isUp)
, but nothing seems to work. The documentation for the Android SDK not very detailed. Is there some trick or detail I'm overlooking?

Answer Source

If your boolean field is named isUp, then the getter must be named isIsUp() or getIsUp(). Alternatively, if you want a getter named isUp, the field name would be up.

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