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Android Question

How to use View Stub in android

I wants to use View stub in android, so please help me,

I have created ,

ViewStub stub = new ViewStub;
View inflated = stub.inflate();

then,how to use it with programatically?

Answer Source

Like the documentation says, ViewStub is a View that is inflated lazily.

You can declare a ViewStub in an XML file like this:

 <ViewStub android:id="@+id/stub"
           android:layout_height="40dip" />

The android:layout attribute is a reference to the View that will be inflated next to a call of inflate(). So

ViewStub stub = (ViewStub) findViewById(;
View inflated = stub.inflate();

When the method inflate() is invoked the ViewStub is removed from its parent and replaced with the right View (the root view of mySubTree layout).

If you want to do this progammatically then your code should be something like:

ViewStub stub = new ViewStub(this);
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