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Swift Question

swift insert row with animation effect

In the first draft of my app, I filled my NSTableView with a static array.
I had a NSButton, which inserts a new row with an animation effect like this:

tableView.insertRows(at: IndexSet(integer: tableview.numberOfRows), withAnimation: .effectFade)

Short question at this point:
Do I need the begin-/endUpdates() command?
I see now difference if I use this code or not.

Primary Problem:

Now my second draft:

Now I fetch my data for the TableView from Core Data.
If I click on the NSButton (to insert a new row) I do something different: I create a new record, save it into core data, fetch all data again and reload my TableView.

This works fine, but I can't use this line anymore in my second draft.

tableView.insertRows(at: IndexSet(integer: tableview.numberOfRows), withAnimation: .effectFade)

Anybody an idea how can I use this "beautiful" animation with core data again?

Answer Source

Short question: You don't need beginUpdates() / endUpdates() for a single insert/delete/move operation, it's only needed for multiple simultaneous operations.

Primary problem: reloadData() doesn't show any animation. Instead of ...fetch all data again and reload my TableView insert the object in the table view with insertRows(at. It updates the table view showing the animation.

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