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Udinic AccountAuthenticator migrate to Android Studio

How do I migrate this:


to Android Studio?

I am not proud to admit I am having trouble migrating Udini's very fine example to Android Studio. It's originally an IntelliJ project from 2013.


I thought I had it finally imported from github but I still can't get it to run. When I try to run ExampleApp/Main1
the Edit Configuration screen pops up and states: !Error: Module not specified

enter image description here

I always run the latest Android Studio (as of today 2.1.1 built 4/28/16 ).

Answer Source

with apologies to the Great Udini:

ok. I did it. I've tested a little bit and it runs (but I haven't tested enough to say it runs correctly).

The biggest issue was tracking down some old deprecated libs httpclientandroid*.jar

and adding a build.gradle.

I just simply copied the source dirs/*.javas over.

I'm not sure if this is the correct way to present such updates. I tried to fork/branch off the original but the Android Studio ui for github fails. It's pretty sparse.

If I've violated some copyright or protocol please someone be nice and just tell me how to correct. pls. don't downvote me!

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