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How to create multilevel composition binding?

I was shown how to create a dependency on the containing property of a property using something like

Val.selectVar(property, propertyOfProperty)
. However, i want to know how to continue creating dependencies on the composition graph. so like a property of a property of a property etc.

Here is an example of what I know and what I want:

import org.reactfx.value.Val;
import org.reactfx.value.Var;


class Level1 {
private ObjectProperty<Level2> l2 = new SimpleObjectProperty<>(new Level2());
ObjectProperty<Level2> l2Property() { return l2; }

class Level2 {
private ObjectProperty<Level3> l3 = new SimpleObjectProperty<>(new Level3());
ObjectProperty<Level3> l3Property() { return l3; }

class Level3 {
private ObjectProperty<Level4> l4 = new SimpleObjectProperty<>(new Level4());
ObjectProperty<Level4> l4Property() { return l4; }

class Level4 {
private IntegerProperty ip = new SimpleIntegerProperty();
IntegerProperty ipProperty() { return ip; }

public class Example3 {

Example3() {
Level1 l1 = new Level1();
Level2 l2 = l1.l2Property().get();
Level3 l3 = l2.l3Property().get();
Level4 l4 = l3.l4Property().get();
Var<Number> ipVar = Val.selectVar(l3.l4Property(), Level4::ipProperty);
ipVar.addListener((ob, o, n) -> System.out.println(o + " -> " + n));

l4.ipProperty().set(1); // prints "0 -> 1"

Level4 newL4 = new Level4();
l3.l4Property().set(newL4); // prints "1 -> 2"

// Something that does this
// ipVar2.listenTo(l2.l3Property(), l1.l2Property());
// or this
// Var<Number> ipVar2 = Val.selectVarAll(l1.l2Property(), l2.l3Property(), l3.l4Property(), Level4::ipProperty);

Level3 newL3 = new Level3();
l2.l3Property().set(newL3); // I want: prints "2 -> 0"

// level2 etc.

public static void main(String[] args) {
new Example3();

Basically, i want to know when a property changes by changes anywhere in the properties containing it and not just the direct one.

Answer Source


Var<Number> ipVar2 = Val.selectVar(l1.level2Property(), Level2::level3Property)

give you what you need?

(If you only need an ObservableValue instead of a Property - i.e. if you only need to observe and not write to the value - you can use flatMap instead of selectVar throughout.)

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