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Sass (Sass) Question

How to convert directory SASS/SCSS to CSS via command line?

I tried:

sass-convert --from scss --to css --recursive app/assets/stylesheets temp

But this only converts css to SASS, and I want the other way around.

Then I looked at the sass command, but it doesn't look like I can pass it a directory.

Answer Source

To do a one-time Sass compile instead of a watch, you can do this from the command line:

sass --update scss:css

To have Sass import one file (usually a partial, with a _ starting the filename), you can do this inside a Sass file:

@import "_base.scss";

This way, Sass knows where you want the include to occur.

By default, Sass can't import an entire directory. The Sass Globbing gem, however, can. You can install it from the command line:

gem install sass-globbing

And then watch with it:

sass -r sass-globbing --watch sass_dir:css_dir

Note that globbing will import files alphabetically, so be sure your CSS will cascade appropriately if this occurs.

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