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HTTP Question

Using Scapy to fitler HTTP packets

I am trying to make a filter for packets that contain HTTP data, yet I don't have a clue on how to do so.

I.E. Is there a way to filter packets using Scapy that are only HTTP?

Any help is appreciated.

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Yes there is, with the .haslayer function and a bit of parsing:

methods=['GET','POST','HEAD','PUT','DELETE','CONNECT','OPTIONS','TRACE']#Define http methods
s=sniff(1)#sniff one packet to parse you can put this in a loop
if a[0].haslayer(TCP):#Checks for TCP protocol
 if a[0].dport == 80:#Checks for http port 80
  if a[0].haslayer(Raw):#Checks if packet has payload
   for i in methods:#Checks if any of the http methods are present in load, if there are it prints to screen
    if i in r:
     print r
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