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Weird CSS Issue, Text & Images in footer section not visible

I have an issue with text and images in footer section not being displayed. If I try to "select" with mouse, or when I click on the space and drag it, I can see its here... Text an images are on the place, its in the HTML. I tried absolute positioning, tried z-index, tried pretty much every CSS technique there is, I just cant figure out why its not being displayed properly.

Website is WordPress & Magento integration. On WordPress footer is displayed normally, but on Magento pages where I include WordPress header and footer. Header seems to be displayed nicely, and footer is there too, in HTML but on the browser visually all I see from footer is background.

See how the footer is displayed. Ive exhausted my whole knowledge and options, can you please help me, how to fix that, I cant even debug and see whats causing the issue.

Thanks in advance

Answer Source

It is because of the below style on the kc-animated div under <footer>

@media screen and (min-width: 768px)
  .kc-animated {
     opacity: 0;

Change that to 1 and it should appear fine. Try to override this value from your own style & it should work

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