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Tool to visualize the device tree?

I am looking for a tool which can graphically represent the hardware device tree used in linux kernel. I am trying to understand linux kernel for particular arm chipset. It would be a really useful tool to have.

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You can try the Component inspector tool.

enter image description here

It is part of QorIQ Configuration Suite which is a plugin for Eclipse.

Download here. (Requires registration. Free to download.)

Personally as i am on the cmd-line most of the time, and quite addicted to vi, i find its built-in code folding capabilities are somewhat sufficient as long as the dts is properly indented.

Setup hot-keys commands to fold/expand blocks of code in vi
by adding the following lines to .vimrc :

nnoremap <silent> <F5> zfa}<CR>
nnoremap <silent> <F6> zo<CR>

With the above setup, to fold a block/node, simply move the cursor onto any of its lines(except the title) and hit F5. To expand a folded block/node, move to the line with the folded title and hit F6.

Here is what a partially folded dts looks like in vi. enter image description here

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