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python newbie: importing numpy module in eclipse

I'm trying to run a simple python program in eclipse. This is the first time that I'm importting any module.

So I downloaded: numpy and pylab (I'm using a mac) restarted my eclipse and the red line below the

import numpy
import pylab

disappeared so I understood that the reference to that module is ok.

Problem is that I still see red line below the code and wonder why? I have to stress out that I believe numpy was already 'pre-installed' I just upgraded the version (using 1.5.1-py2.7).

Can anyone tell what should I do to run this code?

enter image description here

my interpreter setting on eclipse:

enter image description here

Answer Source

Simply removed the old numpy and installed version 6. located here

Another way to circumvent this problem is to use pip install numpy check how to install pip

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