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Need a free Java method execution profiler that works with Eclipse on Windows

I've read several of the other questions on SO regarding Java profilers, but I haven't found anything that fits my needs.

Here are the features that I need:

  • Java profiler that will work with Java 1.6.0_18 (32-bit)

  • Free for commercial use (my organization does not allow trialware)

  • Able to display method execution times so I can find the bottlenecks (this will be my primary use of the profiler)

  • Plays nice with Eclipse (my organization does not use NetBeans)

  • Works on Windows XP

Additionally, these features would be "nice to have":

  • Graphical display, rather than text output

  • Able to show memory and CPU usage

  • Able to profile execution of a JUnit that I launch manually from Eclipse, rather than profiling a server (such as Tomcat)

  • Also works on Linux

Based on a recommendation from another question, I just downloaded VisualVM 1.3 and tried it out. It did not work properly on my workstation and did not integrate well with Eclipse, so that one is off my list.

Any suggestions?

Answer Source

The eclipse profiler is a subproject of TPTP (Test and Performance Tools Project).

There is one article from 2006 that shows how to use the profiler (the 2006' version)

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