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C++ Question

Calling C++ class methods via a function pointer

How do I obtain a function pointer for a class member function, and later call that member function with a specific object? I’d like to write:

class Dog : Animal
Dog ();
void bark ();

Dog* pDog = new Dog ();
BarkFunction pBark = &Dog::bark;
(*pBark) (pDog);

Also, if possible, I’d like to invoke the constructor via a pointer as well:

NewAnimalFunction pNew = &Dog::Dog;
Animal* pAnimal = (*pNew)();

Is this possible, and if so, what is the preferred way to do this?

Answer Source

Read this for detail :

// 1 define a function pointer and initialize to NULL

int (TMyClass::*pt2ConstMember)(float, char, char) const = NULL;

// C++

class TMyClass
   int DoIt(float a, char b, char c){ cout << "TMyClass::DoIt"<< endl; return a+b+c;};
   int DoMore(float a, char b, char c) const
         { cout << "TMyClass::DoMore" << endl; return a-b+c; };

   /* more of TMyClass */
pt2ConstMember = &TMyClass::DoIt; // note: <pt2Member> may also legally point to &DoMore

// Calling Function using Function Pointer

(*this.*pt2ConstMember)(12, 'a', 'b');
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