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PHP Question

Print multiple array values

I have the below code

$student_IT_vitipare = mysql_query("SELECT * from notat where dega='teknologji informacioni' AND viti_lendes='viti pare' ");
$vekt_stud_IT_vitipare = array();
while ($kolo1 = mysql_fetch_array($student_IT_vitipare)) {
$vekt_stud_IT_vitipare[] = $kolo1;
$gjatesia_vektorit = count($vekt_stud_IT_vitipare);

EXAMPLE: Array take from database name,last name and it has {john,trevis}{george,trolus} {dionis,karrblus} etc...
I know that if i want to echo out only name the code is :

echo $vekt_stud_IT_vitipare[$i]['name'];

i've tryed $vekt_stud_IT_vitipare[$i]['name']['last name']; but it does not work

Answer Source

you should stop using mysql_* because it's removed on php 7.0 instead use mysqli_* or PDO

your code won't work but instead if you do something like

echo $vekt_stud_IT_vitipare[$i][$i];

it would but you will only one value

instead you need a nested foreach loop

foreach($vekt_stud_IT_vitipare as $key => $value) {
        foreach ($value as $val) {              
       echo $val;
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