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C Question

Character constant too long for its type (fgets)

void verification() {
char pass[50];

printf(" Enter Password : ");
fgets(pass, 50, stdin);

if (pass != 'aaanc6400') { \\ Warning message in here
printf("\n Invalid Password.. Please enter the correct password. \n\n");

When I compile the program, on the marked line it shows warning that "Character constant too long for its type" and also "Comparison between pointer and integer". And then when I run the code and enter the correct password, it still prints that the password is wrong. What am I doing wrong?

Answer Source

You need to:

  • Initialise char pass[50] = "";
  • Remove \n from fgets by pass[strlen(pass) - 1] = '\0'; (after fgets) - that helps you to compare string later on.
  • if (pass != 'aaanc6400') this one is totally wrong. Use strcmp for string comparison, and double quote for string "aaanc6400"
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