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R Question

sum in function not working properly

i want to create a function to count the values in a certain variable in a subsetted dataset but my function not working as it supposed to.

selected_cyl_6 <- subset(mtcars, mtcars$cyl==6)
selected_cyl_4 <- subset(mtcars, mtcars$cyl==4)

count <- function(group,variable) {
sum(group$variable == 1)


however if I use the sum directly i get the correct answer


another example


what am I doing wrong? thank you so much for any advice

Answer Source

It's from using the dollar sign shortcut in your function. See fortunes::fortune(343).

Some options, using bracket notation.

First, with standard evaluation you would give your variable name in quotes when you use the function.

count <- function(group, variable) {
    sum(group[[variable]] == 4)

count(selected_cyl_6, "gear")

If you want to use non-standard evalution so you don't need to quotes, you can use deparse with substitute in your function.

count <- function(group, variable) {
    sum(group[[deparse(substitute(variable))]] == 4)

count(selected_cyl_6, gear)
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